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General Questions and Answers

Q. I want to join you and start earning by posting ads. How can I join you and start?
A. You have to pay a one-time fee of $49.97 with a credit card or PayPal. You can see the link of buy button at the bottom of our home page. You will be able to access our member's area as soon as the registration fee has been paid.

Q. Are you still offering the program at this time?
A. Yes! Our lifetime membership is still open. But please remember that once we reach our goals or a certain number of members, we will review the program and end up accepting new members.

Q. Is it just a one-time fee or I have to pay a membership every month?
A. There are absolutely no monthly fees, extra charges or hidden transactions in the future. You can join the "Google Advertise" Program today for only $49.97.

Q. I've tried several times to pay with my credit card but it keeps directing me to the PayPal web page, how can I pay using just my credit card info?
A. After clicking the buy button, you will be redirected to the PayPal web page. From there, you have the option of PayPal or pay with Debit or Credit card. If you wish to choose the second option, please click on the “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” link.

Q. I bought the program but I didn't get a password. After I register and pay the fee, how long will it be before I receive instructions to log into the member's area?
A. Normally the access should be immediately after purchase. If the confirmation does not arrive in your inbox please check if you entered your email correctly and also your spam folder. You can also contact us here.

Q. Is this a 100% work at home job? Or would it require coming into the office?
A. You'll never need to leave the comfort of your home for any step within this program.

Q. Is this opportunity available where I live?
A. Most of our members are from countries like United States, Canada, U.K and Australia. We also accept members from other major countries.

Q. I tried a work-from-home job recently... it turned out to be a scam. How do I know is not another scam? Kindly advise.
A. We're online since 2005 with almost 50,000 happy members worldwide. We cover over 100,000 companies with in-depth knowledge system. Our automated tools are provided for users in a large number of locations all around the world. Our users and payment system is highly trusted by clients and very safe.

Q. How soon can I join and start?
A. You may purchase at any time of the day, even 3:00 in the morning. Once you become a member you can start the work and make money posting ads/links right away. This is a fully automated system with many great tools built for your success.

Q. Is there a packet that will come thru the postal mail service or us everything computer generated?
A. There's no physical product or package. Delivery system works totally online and no physical address required.

Q. Since I am working full time but need some extra income, will I have the flexibility to do this in my spare time without a problem?
A. Yes, you can work anytime from 0 minutes to 24 hours a day. This is a chance in a lifetime and we would definitely like to bring you into the fold! There is no set or limitation in any way. Obtain your own personal money making plan based on your own financial goals. You'll soon be making enough to say "goodbye" to the looser job you've been struggling at!

Q. I don't have a computer, can I still use your program on a mobile phone?
A. Yes! This program works on all kind of mobile phones and devices.

Payment Questions and Answers

Q. How and when will I be paid?
A. You will receive one payment that combines all the monies due to you from all firms on your withdrawal request. It can be done with just one click through your account. We are offering the following 3 different methods of payment that you can choose to access your income: 1. PayPal, 2. Checks 3. Direct Transfers to your bank account. You'll be able to change your payment settings at any time via your account.

Q. If I do the "direct transfer to my bank account" option, how long would it take for my earnings to reach my bank account?
A. It usually takes 5-7 working days for bank account transfers to go through, so you should see the money in your bank account within one week. PayPal and check transfers are usually faster and it depends on your country.

Q. What would be the scheduled day for payments to be disbursed every week?
A. There is no scheduled time so you don't have to wait for the payment process to begin.

Q. Will I have to have a certain amount done before I am paid?
A. No, as soon as we receive your request for payment through your account, we will submit the available balance in your account based on your chosen payment method.

Q. What about taxes?
A. Your taxes will be automatically deducted based on the country in which you reside, your nationality and the level of your monthly income.

Membership Questions and Answers

Q. How old do I have to be?
A. We don't have any age restrictions on membership. However, we wouldn't recommend becoming a member to our database until you are 18 as you will not be able to fully take advantage of your membership.

Q. Is it safe to give information like my credit card on here?
A. You will never need to give us any credit card information. Your payment is through PayPal and under their safe protection.

Q. What type of customer support do you provide?
A. We provide support by email. Our customer support is available every day of the week to assist all visitors and members. Phone support is not available so as to keep costs down.

Q. What if I am not satisfied with my membership?
A. If you've tried your membership and you're not being satisfied, then you can ask for a refund by submitting a request here.

Q. PayPal isn't accepting prepaid visa. Is there anything else I can do?
A. It accepts most of the cards but sometimes banks have different conditions for those cards. Make a PayPal account and link it to your card. It may help you to go through the payment.

Q. I recently lost my job and have no real income coming. Would like to ask if we could set up a free membership for me?
A. No. We don't have exception and everyone are treated equally. We spend a lot of time and money to maintain such a large database as well as provide members with customer support. The membership fee is necessary to keep the tools up-to-date. You can be sure you will only receive the highest quality services, along with regular updates and reliable customer support. This is a limited time offer and we are able to guarantee this reduced price for the time being. The price can be raised anytime! We are offering you everything for one fantastically reduced price, as it's important that everyone have a good opportunity for earning a nice living from the comfort of home.

Q. I am interested in this program but would like to know if the ads to be posted are readymade or would I have to think up keywords for posting the ads?
A. It's completely optional to use our readymade samples or your own ideas. Also the time it takes to post one ad/link depends on your abilities and the form length. There is no limitation in our system if you would like to do many postings.

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